Friday, 28 March 2008

Our SHELL Sell Experience.....

14th March, a sultry Friday afternoon..... 
Flo, STian and I participated in the Shell International Women's Week Bazaar Sale. This was exciting for us as it would be our first public outing to sell our cards and crafts together.... hence KRAFTZ 4U  was born!~
WE arrived there at 10.40 and got a fantastic spot out of the SUN !! Yes, praise GOD it did not rain!!  We realised after setting up, that one table is too small for us !!! Thank Goodness for Flo, who played around with the display and finally managed to make the display look less like a cards explosion site. Many thanks to SFong for lending us her very lovely table spread!!! Such a lovely yellow colour.... my favourite colour too.

Hmmmm... Our LOVELY card display pot kept toppling over! The table's too small.... wahhhhh! Twelve o'clock.... where's the crowd? The buffet... yes, there was all that lovely food.... but I was too keyed up to eat...It's not a pleasant picture, me chewing and trying to talk to interested buyers.... I could only looked at the Kueh Pie-tee and lick my lips.......yummm!

12.30pm, a lovely lady bought 10 cards and paid by cheque! I'm so pleased by this first sale, I could have kissed her !! 
1 to 1.45pm, we were suddenly swamp by so many buyers, I think I kinda went into shock... Couldn't count, couldn't give out right change and lost track of whose cards were sold and all... NOT GOOD AT ALL!! We do need to work out a better system.....2pm we were already packing up!! 

In spite of my fumbling, a lot of them were impressed with our cards and that we MADE them! Yay! They would ask... "oh, where did you get these cards?" and we would say " We made them, hand-stamp, hand-painted and totally hand-crafted" They would go 'Wowwww!!"  and take closer look at the cards. I brought along my Jacob's Ladder Album to show off.... it did turned out to be a crowd puller.... a few asked if we sell those... perhaps I should make some for sale the next time, I just did not have the time to do some this time.

All in all, it was a great learning experience and we did some good sales. It is also gratifying to know other people liked our cards and are willing to buy them.

Friday, 7 March 2008

My Fav Stamp of the Month

My House Mouse stamp of the Month (Feb08)arrived from the US. last week. It's such a sweet stamp! I watercolored this image and used grey Copic maker (W3) to do some of the shading. I was surprised and pleased by the effect overall, I thought it turned out real preeetty.

It's been raining and raining out there for the past 4 days..... cold too. I've taken to wearing track pants around the house, bec it's just too cold to be in shorts.... rather unusual for Feb & March weather. Hope to see some sunny days soon.