Sunday, 29 March 2009


I made a Marriage Box (Exploding Box Version) to hold photos of me & hubs. They are easy to craft and you can see my box here.

Most people get married believing a myth;
that marriage is a beautiful box
full of all the things they have longed for:
companionship, romance, sexual fulfillment,
intimacy, friendship, laughter,
financial security.

The truth is that marriage,
at the start, is an empty box.
You must put some things into it
before you can take anything out of it.

There is no love in marriage; love is in people,
and people put it into their marriage.
There is no romance in marriage;
people have to put it into their relationship.

A couple must discern what things work
to improve their relationship
and form the habits of communicating,
giving, sacrificing, sharing,
loving, touching, serving, and praising.
In other words, keeping the box full.
If you take out more than you put in,
the box will always be empty!
Keepsake Box -- The Marriage Box
It is remembering the English tradition of The Marriage Box™ for as in centuries past a box served as a constant reminder that each day is a gift and we must choose how to use it. The box is a keepsake for the home, but it is really much more than that. It is to remind the married couple of something quite important every time it catches their eye.Each Marriage Box has an enclosed card for the new couple that shares the treasures that must be put into the marriage "box" - the treasures of love, patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, courtesy, forgiveness, trust, support, and grace that will result in a fulfilled marriage.

Years ago, when I first came across the marriage poem, it really moved my heart. Marriage is one of the hardest but also the sweetest "journey" one can take in life. It's a lot of work and commitment. Less (NONE, actually) Of ME, MORE (ALL, actually) of GOD + US. 
In today's culture of "throw away and walk away' s, it's doubly hard to stay and work through difficulties and grow up. Yet one must, because it brings glory to God and pleases Him who loves us and calls us to be His. Yes, He has been my strength and shelter in this journey He has called me to. He is FAITHFUL!
HOLDING HANDS by Steve Green

One day, far away, you gently won my heart

And one night, by candlelight, we made a vow to never part
And then it seemed just like a dream
When wide eyed, side by side
We faced the future holding hands

Years fly, they hurry by, the simple times are gone
Bills due, a kid or two, a week can feel eight days long
By fading light, let's kiss goodnight
And then we trace God's daily grace
Thankful we're still holding hands

There's a hope that won't let go
There's a truth we know
God is holding us
In His arms

Thoughts stray far away to all that lies ahead
In frail days when strength fades
Will we still mean all that we said?
Our love's secure, so rest assured
Come what may 'til that day
We'll walk forever holding hands

By God's grace 'til that day
We'll walk forever holding hands

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