Tuesday, 30 June 2009


FLO IS AMAZING!!! She drop in for a visit and showed me her hand-stamped ribbon, IT"S SO PRETTY!! Oh my! She had me wanting to rush out to get those tapes and stamp my own ribbons too! LOLZ! She even 'stickles" them! She has definitely gone glitter crazy!

As if the ribbons was not enough... she showed me a card she made with the Decorative Birds stamps from Hero Arts.... I've always loved those birdies..... so cute! Anyways, I shan't try to describe my ooooh-ahhhh! over the cards.... I leave that to you..... TA-DA!
(Yuuuu-huuuu! FLO, GET YOUR OWN BLOG UP and stop hijacking mine!)

Monday, 22 June 2009

One More Altered Clipboard!

This is for Adeline. She paints, calligraphs chinese writings, bakes, scrapbook....... I'm sure there's more.... she's scarily pieful.... ummm,,, "fingers in pie" quote ! LOLZ!

Monday, 15 June 2009


I had 2 little friends over for crafting lessons.... I thought it's be great to teach them to alter this, so that they may be able to make gifts for their friends, teachers......
3 hours not enough.... but this was about as much as we could do! I THOUGHT it turned out GREAT, good jobs guys!
Here's some cards I made to replenish diminishing supply..... tada!
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Monday, 8 June 2009


~Turn this Maya Road Lunch Tin into.......

~Turn this Maya Road Chipboard Book into this......
AND turn this Daiso-bought container box into.....


I had felt very apprehensive about doing this project... It must have been the time when I was feeling particularly mellow and happy with the world (aka- cheesecake afterglow) that I recklessly let Adeline talk me into it...... yes, it's always someone's else fault! LOLZ!

BUT I was glad I did it cos I had such pleasure looking at the finished project! I'm so happy with how it turned out after all the work that went into it. It also helps that the couple is so very photogenic and there is such "chemistry" between them that it just inspired me to scrap on and on into the wee hours of the night! I DO like well-taken photos!

BUMPS during the works:
* Note to self:  Maya R tins are tricky to work with as the lid fits just right; w/o much give, so you can't paste the paper right to the edge.... the lid won't close! I had to tear the beautiful wedding patterned paper away and start over! It took me 3 days to get over THAT! I did nothing during that time.... so upset! 
* Complaint 2; each page of the chipboard album is so thick that when the papers go in.... it can't close properly and the spine tends to tear away ..... Ugh! such aggravation! So I had to cut through the spine and use my Zutter BIA to bind the album! Thankfully was able to get the very last box of 1" O-wires at MWL! But after BIA-ing it, it won't fit the tin!!!! YiKES!!!
* Had to alter another box to fit the album. Thankfully I had bought these plain boxes at Daiso couple of weeks ago, I had thought then how neat it would be to alter these.... so they really came in handy and fitted so perfectly to the album!