Saturday, 25 July 2009


Ace left her stamps with me to play.... and it so I spent the afternoon stamping and coloring.... I think these stamps are SO CUTE!!
Ace belongs to a knitting group, I think it would be great to include the "chi-kens" image in her scrap page..
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I did some stamping and embossing for fun.......... and it was fun !!!
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Monday, 20 July 2009


SPEED SCRAPBOOKING; 18 hours+; that's how long this supposedly simple scrapbook took to put together. Geraldine (dear girl) came over for 2 days to work on her High School Grad album. We decided to do the pages according to her name initials. G- Grad, E- Exciting Events...... I found this method effective in pulling together the various ideas for the pages together into a album.
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CLipboard Again!

I had my friend Angie over today to do a altered clipboard.... (she's doing it for her s-i-l's birthday).
Since she liked the Magnolia Stamps so much, I taught her stamping and watecolouring too. I thought she did a great job with the colouring! (and she said she's not good at colouring.... hmmm....lols!) Pretty, how it all turned out!

Thursday, 9 July 2009


I FINALLY caved in to my desire to have these cute stamps... (*muacks* to Hubs who gave me bonus this month! ya-hoo!) These stamps are called Magnolia stamps and I ordered them from MAGNOLIA RUBBERSTAMPS, the currency is in Swedish Kronas, but you could chose the currency on the Home page. Was a little scary-wary at first in the ordering, but glad it went well. It's also cheaper than buying them from US stores as these stamps originate from Sweden... Postage to Singapore for 5 of these EZ mount stamps was only SDG$ 6+ (I would have to pay more if I had ordered from US.... I tried! Glad now that, that prev order did work out.

These stamps were bigger than I expected, but they stamp really well and are SO CUTE! even sans nose and mouth! I drew those in when I coloured them.
Time now to learn new techniques of coloring with those really cool Copic Markers I bought.... Youtube has some really great videos:Copics by Suzannejdean. And "I like Markers" blog is also great for tutorials on Copics.
Kudos goes to these people willing to take the time and make the effort to share their knowledge online. I've benefitted greatly and save lots of time and materials because I did not have to figure it all out on my own.... and then its just practice and practice......

~stamped on white cardstock~
~the 5 stamps that I gotta have~
~each measures about 10 cm~

~ 2 that I've try out. Aren't they the sw-weeet?!~

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

*FUN* with Fun Flock!

I was at JDA with Flo..... We have agreed that it's a very "dangerous" place to be in..... We came out of the shop so much poorer!!! So many LOVELY card-making and scrapping stuff there!

I was doing so well..... resisting all those goodies and only buying what I thought I needed..... HAIZ! Was waiting patiently for Flo as she went through the (entire) inventory of Baz Paper.... BUT, they were really going a a very good price, and so it was great time to get our hands on some.... I thought of all the coloured card stock I had amassed back home on the shelves and with much restraint.... pick only one pack of blue Bazzil Bling that I had my eye on for a while...

I needed 4 other items (I had 2 bottles of embossing powders) to make the BUY 5 and 1 Free promo they were having.... Gin suggested Fun Flock and showed me samples of what had been done with them (bad GIN!).... THAT was it.... downhill slide........!! There were so many gorgeous colours!! How to decide? !! Ahem.... it was like a feeding frenzy for a moment there in the shop..... Flo and I grabbed for our fav colours (done with a lot of screaming)..... That how I ended with another set of 5+1..... I'm still thinking about the Lavender colour that I left back there....
I tried it out here on the blankie... it gives it a fur-rrrry feel.... so cute! It's also easy to apply on. Just put glue on the area that you want and sprinkle a layer of fun flock (can be mixed with some glitter, to give that *bling*). That's all, so easy! (Tip: make sure the fan is off at this point... I had furry stuff all over the table...)
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