Monday, 31 May 2010


I ATTENDED a scrapbooking class (Paper Market, Plaza Singapura) with me gal pals last week and had a roaring great time! We stayed 5 hours!
However, I realised that though it was fun to scrap like this.... I was just too distracted to do a good job on my pieces.... ugh!
I spent some time plucking apart the pieces and re-arranging them again... the photos were too big too and so I resized them.
Much happier with the end resultS!

before : 
I just didn't like the frame..... 
so I designed a scalloped frame using my Gypsy and paste it over the original........ much better... in my opinion....

Monday, 24 May 2010


Here it is.... MOSTLY- done but for some titles and embellishments... 52 pages 200 over photos printed and too many scrapping (happy) hours to count. Pleased with this very first COMPLETED album....
Many thanks again to Nicole Lim, Jonathon and ZhuTing for their photos... without which this album and it's memories would not have been scrapped!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A GYPSY for my Cricut...

From Cricut G
I kept telling myself that I dO Not NEED another tool.... it was launched at about the price of my Cricut 3 years back.... almost $300 USD... Yipes! But the price have come down somewhat and for $145 off ebay... I did not resist long... KAKAKA! It has 2 preloaded cartridges Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings... really really NICE stuff in there... it's like 60 bucks for a great accessory to the Cricut.

So glad now that I did not get the Design Studio earlier to link to my Cricut... The Gypsy is SO SO MUCH more versatile! I bring it with me and can play, plan and design my cuts anywhere, anytime. TOO COOL.
Ooooo... and the welding of letters and shapes together is the BEST!
The search feature is so handy and time-saving.... now I do not need to go through every handbook to look for what I want!
No more having to switch carts between cuts or find space to store carts... everything in the G!!
I'm using my Cricut ALOT more too! And it's even more fun and easier now to scrapbook!

(sorry to the non-cricut friends... who can't understand what i'm raving about.. ;P)

Yes, I've been busy working on my son's China trip last Dec.... I'm only up to day 10.... The photos are awesome (credit goes to NICOLE LIM). I realised that well-taken photos can really inspire one to scrap and the overall finish layout is just SO SO.... YA-hoo! lols!

I hope to finish scrapping the trip soon.... I just need to add the appropriate titles to each layout and I'll be almost done.... haiz! almost....