Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The month of June have been particularly busy..... school hols, church camps, night seminars, women conference..... I'm TIRED out but, there's a new sense of purpose and gratefulness to the LORD for He is Good ALL the time!
This month have zIppEd past so quick .... I need time now to re-group and re-assess my priorities and purpose... sometimes we go round and round in circles because we only focus on things around us..... It's like getting lost in a city.... walk in circles if you only look at what surrounds you.... but if you look up and head for the tallest building... you'd actually GET somewhere! I find the need to look up, to FOCUS on the Sovereign Lord, to find my satisfaction and enjoyment in Him alone.

I'm thankful to the Lord for bring the Tripps to Singapore. Listening to them share is like getting my SOUL-GLASSES (perspectives) cleaned.... As I looked into my soul, I SEE the the Ugliness CLEARer and it's terrible, terrible. i FIND i NEED the LORD. I can never be grateful enough for Christ dying in my place for my sins, so that I can be made clean and whole in the sight of God. Praise to the Lord!

IT IS TIME .... to use my stash that I squirrel away and hoard like precious treasures... for they are just but paper and blings of the (scrapping) world.... I'm trying to not let my hobby "create" me.... but to use my hobby to bring some joy to others and yes.... the joy is mine too!!