Tuesday, 2 November 2010


This PBB is for Teresa of CEM. She is one awesome lady!!! Last year, about this time, 2 other friends and I were doing some shopping at her online store.... we confirmed our order and I was just waiting to be invoiced before making payment.... Due to some illness in the family, I could not get online to make payments. Days were spent at the hospital and by the time I got home, I was too tired and drained to do much. When things settled somewhat and I was able to get online..... I discovered that she had sent my order out already.... before I even paid. I wrote to her and she was already in the know about my situation bec my 2 dear friends also wrote to her about it. She wrote me a very encouraging email that touched my heart. I have never met her, but here was someone who reached out as a fellow sister in the Lord, across many oceans, to bring encouragement to me by her words and actions.

Tian, went over to the US mid this year to visit her daughter and this same dear lady sent gifts of paper and stuffs to us through Tian!!! Once again, I wondered at her generosity and kindness!

I had some of the handmade paper through Tian. They were quite interesting in design and texture. Not the usual cardstock that I usually play with.... They were soft and stick to the "snail" tape.... so it's either glue or roll tape to get them to stick! Most of the papers were very pretty and sweet and glitzy! I LOVE glitzy! But (LOLS!) there are a paper or two that were a tad challenging for me to use... the prints were good enough to give a person hypnosis!  @@

BUT! I thought it turned out quite nice..... I was playing with my paper bags and then got caught with with the whole project.... not bad... finished in 3 days....  I know..... I am still working on my first PPB... short attention span I think..... tee hee!

Each page features a bible verse. Most of the verse stamps were from OUR DAILY BREAD DESIGNS and Stampin Up stamps. I hope she will like the book and may she also be encouraged by the words of scripture.