Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm a OrGaNiseD NuT!!

With a growing scraping collection, one just needs to be ORGANISED!!! and yes, I confess I love to arrange and re-arrange my things! My friends who know me well AdMiRE (wiggle eyebrows) and hate me for it! LOLS!
I've been playing with my tim holtz's DISTRESS INKS quite a bit. It irks me that when they are stacked, it's difficult to pull the inkpad you want out on it's own.... so I devised this storage box using a 16 x 23.5 box and drawer separators. I have 20 inkpads and as you can see.... I'm pleased as peaches that everything fit! This is so easy to make! Use it by lying it down or standing it on it's side. Store the ink pads upside down and turn it right side up when using them… sweet!
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

FinAlly... SOmE CArds

Made this card for a friend who is caring for her father after a major surgery. It is a difficult time for her as he can be demanding and difficult "patient". She feels quite drain..... but His grace is suficient for every trials and circumstances.
Most of my peers are at this stage where we feel very much the "SQUEEZE"; caring for our elderly and aging parents and our growing children and teenagers.... Things can get quite InTenSe!
It is times like these that we cling on to the one who who all things in His HANDS, who is in control when all seems to be about to fall apart!

LATELY, there have been many needs in my circle of friends and Siblings-in-Christ. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed. Then I get reminded that we do all things through CHRIST, who strengthens us! My prayer is that I don't turn a blind eye to what needs doing, that I depend on His wisdom in my doing.
Where I can't be there, I will KEEP the S-I-C in my thoughts and prayers, that the Lord will keep them….
LAST NIGHT, my DD asked for a birthday card for a friend. HAIZ! I know there's nothing in my stash… (hadn't been for some time!) So I stayed up till past midnight to craft-up something presentable… (what things we try to do for our children!! sighs!)
Today, I stayed home to work on my cards, updating some and put together those coloured images onto cardstocks and all the little things that make me happy looking at finished product… Yes, making cards is for ME a time to make myself happy…
I do really need to replenish my card supply….. wished I had more time….

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