Tuesday, 1 January 2013

7 GIFTS in 5 DAYS!

in a frenzy last week…. 
a mad, mad, craZy crafting frenzy….
Handmade Christmas gifts for Hub's family…
This is what happens when we ran out of buy-able gifts ideas and a terror of Christmas crowds!
Hmmm… I wasn't sure what I was thinking… really.
It kinda started like… yeah, I'll only make it for this and this person…. and then it grew on it own…..
3 hours before the family meet… I was just starting on the very last piece to gift…
I think I have OVER-STRESSED every bit of creative juice in my poor over-stressed body!

the pleasure on their faces and ooooohhhhs and ahhhhhs
over their personalised gifts
made every stress melt…
a little little bit.