Tuesday, 22 July 2014

2 weDDings and 2 Angpow BOXES - Part 1

In the Asian community, Angpow (red packets/envelopes), containing mo$$ney, are given out mainly during Chinese New Year and  at weddings to the bride and groom. 
At weddings, guests may drop the red packets for the couple into the Angpow box at the usher's table.

Last September saw 2 weddings of 2 young couples from church! Woo-Hoo!

En Hui (saw her grow up from a little girl in plaits) and Joo Chuan tied the knot and lives the happy ending! So happy for them!

I bought the box from Art Republic at Novena Sq. It comes unassembled, brown carton box finish and is a useful size of 9" (great for storing 8x8" album, after it's use for the wedding) at a price of almost $14. A bit on the pricey side, for a plain box, but I HAVE LOOKED everywhere and found that this is really the best size. The shop sells a simple-altered/decorated Angpow Box for a (gasp!) $60!

The whole box (inside and out) is covered with scrapbooking cardstock and patterned paper. The photo-stand at the top can be slide up to stand, revealing the slot for where the Angpows can be dropped in. Roses are from Prima flowers and the words cut from my Cricut machine. I did a rough calculation and my done up box cost as much as the simple box in the shop! ;D

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