Tuesday, 22 July 2014

2 weDDings and 2 Angpow BOXES - Part 2

After all the 'building' of En Hui's Angpow box.... I said to myself.... it's just too much work! And I thought I wouldn't attempt another box any time soon...... till I found out that S&S have not gotten their box yet.... so... in a flurry of papers, tons of glue, embellishes, die-cuts, pearls, flowers and ribbons..... Wah Lah!! this box pOpped out!

I liked it.... maybe it's all that pink and gold and pearls.... ;D

The lovely, lovely ribbon flower embellishment is from Prima Marketing Flowers - Gemini Flower Borgia... no longer sold here and discontinued :'(   I have kept those, like, for ages and anges, too pretty to use..... BUT... it went really well with the boxes  and so... sighz!.... it was sacrificed for a good cause ; )

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